Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wild About Books Wednesday- Clara and Asha

Today I am linking up with Scarlett over at Speech is Sweet to bring you:

The book I chose to share with you this week is Clara and Asha by Eric Rohmann.  I found this book at a surplus and salvage store for just a couple of dollar but it can be purchased on Amazon for around $15 (I have placed an Amazon affiliate link at the end of this post if you are interested in purchasing).

Here is a description of the story straight from Amazon:
In Clara and Asha-- as in Eric Rohmann's Caldecott Medal-winning My Friend Rabbit-- a simple storyline becomes the basis for fun and sophistication.  Clara's friend Asha is an enormous fish, which means that hide-and-seek, Halloween, snow days, and afternoons in the park offer surprising opportunities for adventure.  With oil paintings that playfully suggest stories within stories and convey great emotional range, this is a captivating book about the special world of a child's imagination--where a giant fish might come to visit, and the things you do and the things you felt with an imaginary friend are intensely real.
This is a very short read, making it great for those 30-minutes speech sessions that always seem to go by so quickly. The pictures are simply lovely and worth much discussion time.  

My original thought for using this book was to provide an introduction for talking about things that are 'real' versus things that are 'imaginary' as several of my past students have had trouble finding the line dividing reality from fantasy.  The more I thought however, the more ideas I had so I ended up creating a little freebie entitled, "Create Your Own Imaginary Friend". The packet has students answer questions about his/her new friend, provide a description, list qualities of a good friend, and complete a drawing.  This can lead to a great lesson targeting answering abstract "wh" questions, descriptive language (the worksheet aligns with visualizing and verbalizing vocabulary) or a lesson on the qualities of a good friend. You can find the activity for free here in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  Please click the button to follow my store while you are there and please leave feedback if you use the activity!

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Monday, July 21, 2014


Dear Readers,
I recognize that this blog has been a bit slow over the past couple of weeks.  This is because I have been bit by the Summer Bug.  Due to its sting, I have really only been able to tutor a couple of hours a week, read romance novels, enjoy the pool, take weekend trips, play mini-golf, hang out with friends, visit with family, and laze around.  Evidence of this pervasive illness is found in photos such as these:

As you can see, due to the Summer Bug's bite, I have contracted a severe case of Summeritis.  As far as I can tell the only cure for this will be the first day of school on August 25th.  My hope is that symptoms will dissipate slightly to allow for the creation and posting of a couple of helpful, speech therapy related posts prior to that date.  

Tell me, have any of you contracted Summeritis?  If so, what have your symptoms been?  Have you tried to cure it?  Please let me know that I'm not suffering all alone.  


Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekend Links

Weekend Links is a (mostly) weekly feature here on Speech Room Adventures.  Each Friday, I send you links to some of my favorite speech, and possibly non-speech, things from the week.  Hopefully by clicking through them you will be inspired by a new therapy idea, find something fun to do, or just get a laugh.

For those of you who like to have some music going on in the background this post provides some great Pandora station ideas.

This ice cream balloon game looks like fun and could easily be speechified. 

These salted caramel brownie bites look too delicious not to share!

If you want to see these links as well as those from previous editions of weekend links check out my Pinterest board.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wild About Books Wednesday- The Honk of Zagonk

Today I am linking up with Scarlett over at Speech is Sweet to bring you:

This week's book is The Honk of Zagonk by Pat Hatt.  I found this book through Book Bub a daily deal service that only sends information on free and significantly discounted books on Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble.  As of the time of this post, the kindle version of Honk of Zagonk is still free on Amazon.  

Here is the book description as found on Amazon:

Each year there are ancient dragon games to crown the winner of the Cup of Flames. The young dragons all show off their new found flame, hoping the cup will dawn their name. The year of Zagonk is remembered above them all. It is forever whispered in dragon hall. It was because instead of a flame he honked at his dragon game. Not something a dragon was known to do but away his honk flew. That was also the year the Frost Giant caused all the dragons fear. But what happens when Zagonk brings his honk near? Find out what took place at dragon hall by adding another book from Pat Hatt to your wall.

Here are some reasons I like this book:

1.  It rhymes!  This makes it great for working on phonological awareness skills.  What is particularly awesome is that the rhyming pairs are more advanced and less predictable than other children's stories.  For example:  games/flames, blue/view, and out/snout.  

2.  It establishes a basis for a great discussion in a social thinking group targeting how people can be different from one another, how to respond to someone else's struggles, as well as having different areas of strengths and weakness than others.

3.  For a descriptive language task to go with this book, I found this website that allows you to create your own dragon.  Looks like fun!  

4.  There is some great vocabulary in this book that would be worth exploring further with students in grades 2-4. 

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wild About Books Wednesday- Toot Toot Beep Beep!

Today I am linking up with Scarlett over at Speech is Sweet to bring you:

This weeks book is Toot Toot Beep Beep by Emma Garcia. 

Here is a description of the book copied directly from Amazon:

Colorful cars beep-beep, toot-toot, vroom-vroom, and whoosh across these collage-like pages, inviting kids along on an entertaining trip. Little ones will love joining in with the sounds, reading them aloud as they watch a little red jeep, big blue van, and big yellow taxi pass by. What do you get when all these vehicles make their distinctive sounds at the same time? A lot of cool noise!

I found this book at Saver's thrift store last week.  I was drawn to it because I really liked the simple graphics on the cover and I guessed by the title that it would contain really simple language.  I'm totally glad I judged this book by its cover!  Here is what I was met with when I opened it:

Here are the top 5 things I like about this book for use in speech therapy:

1.  The story targets colors in a simple and engaging way.  The vehicle colors really stand out against the background and other elements on the page.  

2.  The text provides multiple repetitions of words with simple syllable structures such as "toot toot", "beep beep", "chugga chugga", "vroom vroom", "honk honk" and "whoosh whoosh", great for those students with emerging language or severe phonological/articulation disorders.

3.  In addition to a color word, another adjective is added each time a new vehicle is introduced.  For example, "little red jeep", "sleek black sports car", and "big blue van". It would be fun to think of other objects that could take on the same describing word (big elephant, big shopping mall, big ice cream cone).

4.  I also really like the verbs used to describe the vehicles' actions in this book.  For example, "zooms", "speeds", and "trundles".  I may try to come up with an activity that targets the common core standards (kindergarten and first grade standard L5d and second grade standard L5b) for distinguishing shades of meaning between similar verbs using this book.  

5.  Above all this book is just plain fun to read!  This is a great little read-aloud story that is sure to keep all parties involved engaged during multiple readings!

So if I have convinced you of this book's greatness, here is an Amazon affiliate link so you may purchase it conveniently.  

Don't forget to head over to Speech is Sweet to see what book Scarlett has for you this week!  

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